Did you know that over 1.8 million people signed up to Veganuary in 2024? Many of the supermarkets including Aldi, Asda, Tesco and Marks and Spencers have TV Advertised vegan meals and some have dedicated pages for vegan recipes and information for the first time ever so it is definitely something which is rapidly growing.  Many scientists have been saying that the best way to reduce the impact on the climate and wildlife is to cut out meat.

I find Philipp’s story inspiring and have been following him on Instagram for quite sometime now.  He is the founder of exceedingly vegan and I just love how he has embraced a vegan diet and shares tasty, easy to cook recipes which are perfect for anyone looking to become vegan or introduce more plant based meals into their diet.

Philipp Ertl founder of exceedingly vegan

Tell us about exceedingly vegan?

I started exceedingly vegan because I wanted to be the change I hoped to see in the world. When I became vegan and found out about all the damage we do to ourselves, our planet and animals, I felt I needed to spread the word on veganism. But I soon realised that telling people off for not eating more veggies wouldn’t get me anywhere, yet I had a burning desire to influence people’s eating habits for the better. So I was looking for a positive outlet and I realised I was quite good at developing easy to cook vegan recipes. That’s why I started my blog: to inspire people to try more vegan recipes.

 What made you turn vegan?

Long story short, I wanted to look after myself more. I used to be a heavy smoker and giving up smoking and replacing it with an overall healthier relationship with myself led me to a vegan diet. I think if you are really serious about doing yourself some good then all the roads will lead to a plant-based diet. And the more I researched, the more I found out about the positive impact a vegan diet can have not just on our health but also the planet and of course animals.

easy vegan blueberry cake

Have you always had a love of food?

My whole family quite enjoys good food and cooking, especially my auntie, who reads cook books like novels. I am from Austria originally and I think it’s also a bit of a cultural thing to indulge in quality and comfort food. To this day I am influenced by the rich flavours, heavenly pastries and cakes I grew up with and I try to revive these flavours in my vegan recipes.

Do you have a favourite go to vegan meal?

I do love my vegan cheese pizza baguette and I often have it on a Sunday eve with Netflix. It’s such a treat and you don’t need a lot of ingredients to make it.

What advice would you give to someone who was thinking of becoming vegan?

Take one step at a time. I am someone who is either all in or all out, but I think I put too much pressure on myself at the beginning. I would say, have some fun, try out new recipes, explore. Make it fun and part of a lifestyle choice not a diet or detox. The more you grow into it the more sustainable it will be.

herb crusted cashew cheese

Tell us your top ingredients every vegan should have in their cupboard/fridge?

My go-to ingredients are tofu, tahini and lemons. Tofu is versatile, high in protein, calcium and iron. The same goes for tahini and it makes a great dressing and dip. And lemons help to bring out flavours better or neutralise bitterness in dishes.

What environmental impact do you think eating a vegan diet has?

It has such a big impact. If you compare the carbon footprint of plant-based protein with animal protein, it’s always far less. Though a vegan diet isn’t the only solution for climate change, it is indeed a very big part of the solution. If you want to look after our planet I think it’s all about being more conscious and informed about where our food comes from and this will automatically lead you to a plant-based diet.

Tell us about your range of tahini sauces you have launched?

I am a huge fan of tahini, it’s super healthy and packed with nutrients and is the ideal vegan dairy replacement. I’ve been passionate about this super food for a while so I wanted to make it more accessible to people. That’s why I came up with Dressini, our range of tahini dressings. They are ready-mixed and come in three delicious flavours so people can enjoy them at home and easily add them to their dishes. The best thing is that these are super versatile; you can use them as salad dressing, over roasted veggies, as healthy mayo replacement or even to give soups this little extra. We have already added a few recipes on our new website, go and check them out: www.dressini4.life

Do you have a favourite vegan restaurant/takeaway that you go to?

I am a big fan of Stem + Glory next to the Barbican. Since the pandemic I haven’t really been out much or even got take-aways, but when I do, I often treat myself to a vegan burger.


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