Tommy & Lottie Organic Cotton Sweatshirts for kids and adults
Tommy & Lottie Organic Cotton Leggings for baby & me
Tommy & Lottie Organic Cotton T Shirts - Kids and Adults
Tommy & Lottie Back Packs, plantable seed cards and wall prints
Tommy & Lottie Baby Collection

tommy & lottie – sustainable and ethical lifestyle brand – helping to save wildlife


 Tommy & Lottie are a unisex, ethical and sustainable brand specialising in well made, organic cotton basics, including t shirts and sweatshirts for children and adults, babywear, back packs, wall prints and plantable seed cards all with a wildlife theme. 

Using only sustainably sourced fabrics which include organic cotton or recycled materials to make the clothing and back packs. All of our products are exceptional quality that last and the clothing washes well and can be easily handed down. We only use embroidery or screen print with water based inks as our printing methods as they are not only more sustainable, they also produce a higher quality print which are free from plastics and last longer.  

Help save species  – There are many benefits to why we need to protect wildlife for our own wellbeing both physically and mentally and for the health of our ecosystems and planet.

We are very proud of our three charity partnerships with Ocean Generation via Work For Good the Sumatran Orangutan Society, and the Hertfordshire and Middlesex Wildlife Trust. Money is donated to the charities every time one of our polar bear, orangutan, bee or butterfly products are sold. Helping to save species, together. Thank you. 

All of our packaging is reusable, recyclable, biodegradable.

We are passionate about the environment and understand how important it is to respect it today, and for our future generations.



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