Gender Neutral baby clothing brand

Tommy and Lottie has always been a gender-neutral baby clothing brand, even if we are a teeny, tiny business compared to the big retailers like John Lewis, who have recently been in the national press for launching a range of gender-neutral children’s clothing; a concept we’ve always believed in.

Our website and marketing always states: ‘suitable for girls and boys ‘, we never limit our range to ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ categories. Of course we’re not suggesting that parents have to buy unisex clothing its just offering them a choice. And it’s clearly working – we’ve had masses of positive feedback from our customers for being a unisex brand.

Kinder to our planet – zero waste week

Gender neutral clothing is more sustainable and kinder to our planet because it can be passed on to another sibling, friend or charity. We pride ourselves on the fact that our clothing is well made and of the highest quality. It is designed  to be reused, recycled; to last.

Our T-shirts are ethical and sustainable as they are vertically produced. This means the cotton is grown in the same area as the factory and all of the processes and manufacturing are done in one factory and not all around the world. As a result, our carbon footprint is extremely low compared to many other clothing producers.

This week is #zerowasteweek and the simple fact is, textile waste is a massive global issue. Many of us have been drawn into buying cheap and en masse for far too long. Instead we could buy fewer quality items that last – becoming more conscious consumers.

‘Buy less, choose well, make it last’ – Vivienne Westwood

tommy and lottie logo on woodland print

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