This week is Fashion Revolution Week which marks the anniversary of the devastating collapse of the Rana Plaza complex that collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh on the 24th April 2013. 1,134 people were killed and over 2,500 people were injured in the catastrophe.  The Fashion Revolution was born. Fashion RevolutionEvery year on the 24th April the Fashion Revolution brings people from all over the world to show #whomadeyourclothes ? giving brands the opportunity to share this and show transparency across the fashion industry.

We believe in this revolution and that transparency is so important to show how and who makes our clothing. We want to know where our fabrics and materials come from, how the cotton is grown, who makes it and how they are looked after,  surprisingly a high number of brands do not know this. Transparency is about knowledge, information and honesty and being able to share this with our customers is important to us and is the future of fashion.

Our t shirts for example are made in Tanzania, Africa and are ethical and sustainable in the way they are made.


  1. The cotton crop is grown near to the factory off the shores of Lake Victoria to be precise, the crop is not then exported out of Tanzania, as a high percentage of cotton grown in Africa is shipped to Asia or Turkey to be made into textiles taking with it much needed jobs, instead it is taken to a local factory where the cotton is vertically produced so all of the processes that the cotton has to go through to become fabric to then be made into the tees is done in one place making the carbon footprint of our tees far lower than most.
  2. The people who live in the local communities are then given jobs and taught skills at the factory so they are able to take themselves and their families out of poverty. They are well looked after too, paid over the minimum wage, have no forced labour or unfair overtime, have a  clean, healthy, safe working conditions, one hot nutritious subsidised meal a day and no child labour.
  3. The factory has the SA8000 certification which is the most stringent social audits and covers every stage of manufacturing and the cotton is certified oeko-tex 100 including class 1 for babywear which means the cotton contains no harmful chemicals or dyes so safe for babies skin.

Please take a look at our animations which are narrated by Tommy (11) & Lottie (8) and were designed by two local students.  Visually showing our customers how our tees are made.

Join the fashion revolution and get involved and ask your clothing brands #whomadeyourclothes it is all of our responsibility and we need your help to create a better world and raise awareness.



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