With so much plastic having a serious effect on our planet globally, consumers are looking for alternatives to help towards this problem.  An exciting new business has recently launched called The Ethical Box – with an aim to give consumers a solution by offering a more environmentally friendly, no plastic alternative to four main reuseable everyday products all in one box. These include a bag, coffee cup, straws and a toothbrush. We think this is a fabulous idea so we decided to do a quick Q&A with the inspiring founder Lizz Kingshott to find out more.

Tell us about The Ethical Box and why you started it?

The Ethical Box is about helping people take those first steps to reducing their single use plastics. Over the last year, more and more people are becoming aware of the damage plastic is causing to our planet, animals and ourselves. It can be incredibly overwhelming when you realise just how much we depend on plastic, so The Ethical Box is here to make it just a little bit easier. By providing customers with everything they need to start a plastic free lifestyle, I hope to encourage more consumers to join us in the plastic revolution.

What have you found the most rewarding?

The support I’ve had from people all over the world, it’s so heart-warming to know that people do really want to change their habits and that I can help them do that.

What have you found the most challenging?

When creating a plastic free business, the most challenging part is staying true to your values. It’s so easy to take the shortcut and opt for a cheaper alternative even though it may contain harmful plastics. Making sure the box itself is 100% recyclable and compostable whilst also creating a high-quality product was tough but I stuck it out and I am incredibly happy and proud of the result.

What did you do prior to starting The Ethical Box?

Prior to starting The Ethical Box I ran my own blog The Ethical Evolution which encouraged a conscious lifestyle, I still run my blog but I find myself spending more time on the business now. Through my blog I was able to connect with many incredible brands and business women who have helped me and encouraged me along the way, many of these brands will be sure to feature in future themed boxes.

What are your favourite business tools and why?

I’m still discovering business tools, at the moment I’ve been sticking to what I know and connecting through social media to grow my presence. I can’t wait to learn more about running a business and discover more helpful tools along the way.

Where do you see The Ethical Box in 5 years time?

In 5 years time I’d love to be able to be running a successful ethical business full time. It would be incredible to be able to travel and meet fellow conscious consumers whilst being able to spread a positive message and help change the world. I would also love to see how the business develops and how many aspects of life I can help make plastic free.

If you could change one thing on this planet what would it be?

I would change how dependant some of us are on plastics, a lot of the population simply doesn’t need single use plastics. I would love a planet where we could all work around the problem and create sustainable and ethical alternatives that benefit not only each other, but also the planet.

We are sure that The Ethical Box will be very successful as it’s such a great solution to help towards reducing the impact that plastics are having on our planet. x









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