Support rewilding Britain to help protect wildlife

Do environmental stories sometimes get you down? Well, you are not alone. A lot of us who feel a connection with nature feel that way at times. But I wanted to share with you a message of hope from two nature-loving friends who have set up a non-profit rewilding to do...

Save Archers Green

Our partnership with Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust started back in 2020 as we are passionate about wildlife and understand the importance to protect it. We donate a % of money from the sales of our bee and peacock butterfly collections, to the Herts and Middlesex...

How To Help The Hedgehogs

Hedgehog Week has arrived and to support these cute little creatures, which are sadly in huge decline, we will be donating a % of profits to The British Hedgehog Preservation Society from any of our Tommy and Lottie hedgehog prints, t shirts or gift sets sold for the...
tommy and lottie logo on woodland print

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