Here at tommy & lottie we want to share with you what makes us a sustainable brand.  sustainable baby clothing brand - tommy and lottie


  • Our clothing is vertically produced this means that the cotton crop is grown near to the factory where the spinning, knitting, dye, cut and sew are all done in one factory making the carbon footprint far lower than most. Quite often the carbon footprint of the garment is far higher as the cotton/fabric/garment has traveled to more than one country before it ends up as a piece of clothing. Please see our short animations narrated by Tommy and Lottie.
  • All of the wastewater that is used to produce the cotton goes through a Effluent Treatment Plant making sure that the water put back into the environment is safe.
  • Our range is excellent quality so is built to last. It is not disposable, cheap or throwaway.
  • We offer a ‘capsule’, non seasonal clothing range that can be worn all year round.
  • The designs are unisex so can be worn by a girl or boy. Once outgrown can be handed down to another sibling or passed on to a friend whatever the gender or given to charity .
  • Our British made harem baby leggings have been designed to fit over cloth, reusable nappies.

Textile waste is a growing concern and should ideally never end up in landfill as it can take 100’s of years to biodegrade. Recycling, reusing or upcycling are really important ways to help towards reducing our clothing waste and the impact it has on our environment . For helpful tips about upcycling clothing and clever ways to declutter your wardrobe and recycling we recommend heading over to love your clothes to find out more.


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