With halogen light bulbs already banned in the UK and the EU, homeowners are turning to more sustainable forms of lighting. LEDs seem to be leading the charge for a number of reasons.  David Boultbee, Technical Consultant at Ultra LEDs discusses how you can benefit by using LED lighting solutions.

LEDs have been on the rise in recent years, with statistical reports revealing that these lighting solutions are expected to dominate 61% of the lighting market by 2020 (Statista). But what are the reasons driving this change?

From being more energy efficient to providing a safer alternative compared to traditional light bulbs, there are many advantages of using LED lighting.

5 reasons why you should switch to LED lighting

What are LED light bulbs?

LED light bulbs create light differently from traditional incandescent alternatives. Typical light bulbs pass electricity through a thin wire filament, whereas LED bulbs pass the electrical current through a semiconductor. Due to the way they produce light, they have many benefits.

They are more energy-efficient

Renowned for their energy efficiency, it’s no surprise that LED light bulbs appeal so much to homeowners, especially ones that are looking to shave down their bills. They typically use 90% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, these can even end up paying for themselves with the savings they make you over time.

They operate at a lower temperature

While traditional light bulbs use heat to generate light, LEDs require much less wattage to produce a high lumen output and can turn around 70% of the energy from the electric current into light rather than heat. This means they are able to operate at a much lower temperature and so are a more sustainable choice. It’s not possible to completely avoid generating heat, but the little amount that LEDs do create is dissipated to a heat sink which absorbs and directs any warmth away from the diodes. This helps to prevent overheating.

Although the above process means the fixture and base of these lights can feel warm, the LEDs themselves don’t emit infrared or ultra-violet light in their beams, meaning they won’t cause any heat damage or fading. This is particularly important if you have rooms in your home with expensive artwork, portraits or paintings hanging, as well as fine fabric furniture.

They are more reliable

Traditional light bulbs are filled with fragile parts that can easily become shifted with vibrations, and filaments that are brittle and impractical. However, as LEDs don’t use filaments and are able to cope with more impact, they last longer and are therefore more reliable.

Their durability also means they can withstand large fluctuations in temperature conditions, meaning they will be great for your garages, as well as your bathrooms which stay relatively cool during the day but heat up when there’s steam from the shower.

They turn on quicker

Tired of your lights taking their time to turn on properly? Well, LEDs might just be your new best friend. Unlike regular incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), LEDs don’t need to warm up in order to reach their maximum light output. This means that the room will instantly be flooded with light as soon as you flick the switch.

This is particularly important for busy areas which constantly welcome people in, as well as areas that need efficient lighting for health and safety reasons. This could include porch lighting and utility rooms where fuse boxes are kept.

They are available in a range of colours

Sometimes, traditional white or yellow lighting just isn’t enough, so you’ll be pleased to know that LEDs are available in a wide array of bright and beautiful colours. While it’s possible to get traditional light bulbs in different colours, these are created with gels or filters that can fade over time. But, as the phosphorous coating in LEDs is altered to match the desired colour of light, you can be sure that your fun colourful lighting will stay that hue for its entire lifespan.

These are particularly good purchases for children’s bedrooms, as well as for garden festoon lighting which you’ll use for summer parties.

LEDs are the new and improved sustainable lighting solutions of choice, and there are many benefits of having them. As they lower your energy bills and are an all-round safer, they last longer and a more reliable option, you’re bound to reap the rewards from making the switch to LEDs. 




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