To celebrate World Kindness Day we thought it would be a great opportunity to share some ethical small businesses who like ourselves offer gifts that do good.

Each business is partnered with a charity via Work For Good who are an online platform helping to bridge the gap between businesses and charities. Most businesses are unaware that you need a Commercial Participation Agreement in place before you can start raising money for charity through your sales and publicising it. Work For Good make fundraising much easier for all involved and believe all businesses, no matter how small can make a difference. We all know what small changes make when multiplied by millions of people, they change the world.


polar bear tommy and lottie sweatshirt - gifts that do good

tommy & lottie – polar bear sweatshirt from £35 – money donated to ocean generation via work for good

Really Good Beer Society

RGBS make exceptional craft beers that want to change the world. 2.5% of all their sales goes to projects and charities that make the world a better place – and each beer supports a specific cause, so drinkers know exactly where the money is going. Sustainably minded, pending B Corp and the beers are always vegan, utterly delicious and hoping to teach people that beer really can be a force for good.

Really Good Beer Company - Tidal Wave - gifts that do good

Tidal Save – Incredible Session IPA that combats ocean plastics – £25 for 12


Tidal Save £25 for 12  – A cracking example of a timeless favourite. Zesty, funky and featuring a bombardment of wonderful tastes with 2.5% of the sales of this beer goes to support Ocean Generation via Work for Good. Ocean Generation  have a higher vision of the world. One where the Ocean is freed from human threats within a generation and where young people can be the catalyst for change. They exist to restore a sustainable relationship between humanity and the Ocean. Because as the first generation to deeply understand ocean issues, we are also the last generation who can stop them.


Good Koffee

Drinks to satisfy you at the end of your day… or the start of your night. Offering the curious looking for a different experience whilst enjoying their precious social moments, helping you stay uplifted and connected. Doing some good by donating through Work For Good and chosen charity partner The Olive Ridley Project who are protecting sea turtles and their habitats through rescue & rehabilitation, education & outreach and scientific research.

good koffee - gifts that do good

Good Koffee Espresso Martini Maker Gift Kit £56

Expresso Martini maker gift kit £56.00 creates up to 8 drinks! If you like Espresso Martini’s you will LOVE this kit. A fantastic set to help you create a truly elevated drink that is becoming the must-try coffee cocktail of the season.

‘Tis the season to get SOCIAL… & people are raving about our Social Coffee mixers as an easy way to create exciting recipes for every social occasion, from non-alcoholic Coffee Tonics to kicking Coffee Cocktails. Partnered with Sapling Vodka to bring you outstanding British Vodka for your creation that does good too, as they plant one tree for every bottle sold.

The Happy Shrub 

Helping you to become more productive, creative and happy, we’re here to introduce you to some much needed time to yourself. The approach is scientifically driven, drawn from academic studies, to bring the practice of mindfulness together with nature, in a way that’s hand on and proven to help reduce stress. With the art of bonsai, used as a practical tool for mindfulness, to take you on a journey to show you the power it has to create the very best version of yourself.
Happy Shrub Bonsai tree - gifts that do good

The Elm Bonsai (Mindfulness and Nature) £49

Elm Bonsai (Mindfulness and Nature) £49  Charity – Mental Health Foundation via Work For Good. Prevention is at the heart of what they do. Their vision is good mental health for all and their mission is to help people understand, protect and sustain their mental health.


The Female Glaze

The Female Glaze is a vegan feminist bakery selling cookies, choc bites, pastries and cakes UK-wide. To help put this in place, ingredients are sourced from companies that support intersectional feminist projects. By providing delicious goodies with a social purpose, we hope to help more people understand how food choices are political and important.
The Female Glaze - gifts that do good

Tina Modotti – Rose, Pistachio, Raspberry Cookies £11

Tina Modotti – Rose, Pistachio, Raspberry Cookies £11 – 5% of each product goes to Refuge via Work for Good. Refuge is the country’s largest provider of services for women and children experiencing domestic abuse and gender-based violence. Orders are delivered weekly. Order by Dec 20th for Christmas delivery.

Hatchling Makes 

Hatchling Makes is an indie stationery and gift shop specialising in wildlife illustrations. Every product is limited edition and always wrapped in plastic free packaging. 10% from every sale goes to help wildlife conservation so you can treat yourself whilst saving the animals at the same time!

Hatchling Makes

Biodegradable penguin Washi tape £4

Penguin themed washi tape £4 is perfect for the festive season. Use it to seal your Christmas card envelopes, decorate your bullet journal or anywhere that you think could benefit with some extra penguins! Washi tape is biodegradable Japanese paper tape which you can tear with your hands which makes it perfect for those Christmas paper crafts! And it comes in it’s own beautiful box too which makes it perfect for gifting to your penguin loving pal. 10% is donated to Rainforest Trust UK via Work For Good, helping to protect endangered wildlife as well as their habitat by partnering with local communities across the globe.

Button and Squirt 

Button and Squirt is the home of amazing animals. Created by founder Ria, a range of educational fact cards to teach kids about the amazing animals we share the planet with, the cards are designed to be a fun way to learn and introduce kids to all different animals. Ria has combined her life long love of nature, art and her kids plus her love of the natural world to inspire everything she does. Creating a range of fact cards, flash cards and card games as well as colouring and activity books plus a range of fabulous animal themed eco friendly gifts. I donate to wildlife charity to help protect the animals that I am so passionate about teaching kids about.
Button & Squirt

amazing whales and dolphin fact cards £10

Set of fact cards all about amazing whales and dolphins from around the world £10 Illustrated and designed by a mum of two and inspired by their love of nature.

The set includes 36 cards, 35 animal cards and one key card. Each animal card features my illustration and the animals common name on one side then their scientific name, some key info and 3 fun facts on the other side and the background colour of the card shows where in the world they live. Printed in the UK on FSC certified card and finished with a water based varnish that means they are fully recyclable at the end of their life.
Money is donated to Whale and Dolphin Conservation via Work For Good. The charity is dedicated to the protection of whales and dolphins, they are working to end captivity, stop whaling, create healthy seas and prevent accidental deaths in fishing nets.

Can Bee Bristol

Can Bee Bristol is mainly centered around using beeswax to create candles. Taking pride in the items created and hoping that anybody who supports them has the experience and fulfillment of knowing that what they have bought has made a difference and given back to the environment. 10% of sales each month is donated to Bumblebee Conservation Trust via Work For Good. The only charity dedicated wholly to saving the UK’s bumblebees.


Beeswax candles rolling kit £13.99

Beeswax candles rolling kit £13.99 – create 6 x 20cm tall candles. You can hand roll your own candles using simple to follow instructions and materials included in the kit.


Lilac Tree 

Lilac Tree creates ethical and sustainable everyday luxury jewellery, inspired by founder Leila’s passionate connection to nature and its ever-changing forms.  Her designs always start with the stone – each one is selected with delicate precision and is thoughtfully incorporated into precious metal to create contemporary heirlooms that you can be proud to wear.

Lilac Tree

LUNA sterling silver moon phase necklace £48

LUNA sterling silver moon phase necklace £48 – A sterling silver full moon nestled between two sterling silver crescent moons, reticulated to create a gorgeous crater-like texture. The pendant is gently darkened, and hangs on an 18in sterling silver chain – ready to help you fight off werewolves!

For every order placed in November  £2  of every necklace sold will be donated to Brake, the road safety charity via Work For Good.  Did you know that every day 5 people die and 60 people are seriously injured on the UK’s roads?  In February last year, Leilas brother was one of them, killed while cycling to his work as a primary school teacher.  That’s why Leila is supporting Brake, who work tirelessly to prevent these utterly preventable road deaths and injuries, and support those bereaved from crashes.

Opals Treasures

Lucy, the owner of Opals Treasures is passionate about reducing plastic pollution, so makes coasters and accessories out of waste, post consumer plastic which is donated to her by local businesses and also whats found on her litter picks.


opals treasures logo for blog

turtle keyring £8 made from the milk carton and blue and green milk bottle caps

This turtle keyring for £8 is one of the best sellers. The one pictured is made from green and blue milk bottle tops, and the milk carton itself.

From every sale made, 10% of the sale is donated to the Marine Conservation Society via Work for Good. They are a UK wide charity that supports our ocean, by protecting our precious wildlife and eco systems. The money raised helps reduce the impacts climate change has on these wonderful animals.
Opals Treasures products are made to order, so please order them before the first week of December if you are planning to gift one of our products this Christmas.

tommy and lottie logo on woodland print

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